Its no secret that I have been somewhat a downer in my posts as of late. I want you to know there is a significant set of issues and challenges that I have been facing personally and professionally. I do apologize for the negativity and while that seems to be more the norm rather than the exception. I genuinely appreciate the the support and kind attentions paid to me. i could not express this in five hundred thousand words book; much less the small amount of post that Ia m allowed here .
Suffice to say, I have a severe challenges to balance between being the desire to be a thoughtful & rational poster of content and the equally strong need to express my fears, doubts dread and pain at the current issue I am faced with. That “imbalance” has create a very erratic and confusing cycle of posts. A lof of these post center on my need to focus on those issues by leaving Facebook and other social media platforms and staying with Facebook and the like and using it to express a sort of online “stream of consciousness ” that might allow me to solicit commentary and advice as to how to deal with those issues with revealing too many details.
I do apologize for this and the confusion and the honest queries of “are you ok?” that I get. While I am not “ok” …I think I will be ..eventually.
With that said, I want you all to know that I genuinely appreciate the commentary you have provided ..both negative and positive.
Life is nothing without context and engagement and social media is a great tool for garnering those things and you folks have taught me much in the process.
Thank you. I remain your faithful friend, peer and colleague and I hope and trust you will regard me much in the same way.

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